Pythagorean Domino

Pythagorean Domino by blablaTrains for an augmented Theremin and a gyro-based gestural controller is a work-in-progress to be composed in 2019. This work aims to integrate music concrete techniques and an algorithmic compositional approach in the context of composition for gestural controllers. We construct a dialogue of fragmented sounds forming composite objects (sound objects made up of several distinct and successive elements). Our materials transform gradually from one state to another as if metamorphoses of a living figure, thanks to an algorithmic system that we developed specifically for this project. Our sounds are scattered through an octophonic loudspeaker system as an extension of our bodies and a way to enhance our gestural performance on stage.

Our challenge is to perform a chain of fragmental elements in space as a single unified whole in tandem, while the algorithms for transformation are autonomously changing synthetic and control parameter settings. This approach derives closely interconnected triangular interactions between performers, computers and a performance environment.

Pythagorean Domino has been premiered on June 4th, 2019 at NIME 2019, Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul, Sal√£o de Atos, Porto Alegre (Brazil).

Project description (NIME 2019)