blablaTrains  is a duo formed by Ana Dall’Ara-Majek and Takuto Fukuda , focusing on the synchronicity between their bodily gestures and electronic sounds, as well as on interactions between themselves. A pillar of their approach is the use of self-made gestural controllers- Ana’s augmented Theremin and Takuto’s gestural controller. The synergy of the sonics and kinetics conjures up a poetics over the collective subjectivity.  They have performed at: Live@CIRMMT 2020 (Montreal, Canada), NIME 2019 (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Soundwich XI 2019 (Montreal, Canada), Live@CIRMMT 2018 (Montreal, Canada), Now Hear This Festival 2018 (Edmonton, Canada), NIME 2018 (Blacksburg, USA), MA/IN Intermedia Festival 2018 (Matera, Italy), Inductive Prism X 2017 (Montreal, Canada) and NAISA 2018 (South River, Canada); and their debut at: improv@CIRMMT 2017 (Montreal, Canada).    Ana Dall’Ara-Majek is a composer, sound artist and researcher living in Montreal. She is intereste